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iNetbug® technology solutions are designed around your business needs. Our goal is to make your technology work for you! We can provide a free on site estimate at your request. All you need to do is call us and schedule an appointment, and we'll take care of the rest. That means we'll come out to your location, and perform an on-site evaluation at no cost to you. You will be under no obligation to sign any contracts or to pay for the estimate ... it's free! The purpose of the visit will be to assess your current setup (if any) and evaluate your technology needs by asking questions and listening, by formulating specific work objectives, and examining your environment. The outcome of the visit will be a professionally compiled recommendation, outlining a solution specifically designed to meet your needs. The recommendation will be accompanied by a work estimate which will outline the estimated time and cost to completion. All estimates are in good faith and may be subject to not more than a 10% margin of error. Our staff are well acquainted with a variety of work environments in the business and academic worlds. We have experience working on everything including point of sale systems, accounting software, application servers, database servers, file and print servers, remote terminal servers, directory services and authentation, workstation imaging and desktop management, remote application deployment, software and data migration, systems migration, and enterprise systems management. Our engineers are certified and experienced in many fields and by several vendors. We have designed and built many networks and server systems, and we are proud of our portfolio of successful clients. We select our vendors and partners carefully to ensure the best quality of service, the following is an example of some of the products we support:

IBM Corporation
Gateway, Inc.
Symantec Corporation
Sony Corporation
Gateway, Inc.
Dell Inc.
3Com Corporation

Microsoft Corporation
Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
Novell, Inc.
Intel Corporation