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This portfolio demonstrates our experience in designing all sorts of professional company websites including small business websites and dual language websites. We have knowledge of English and Arabic web design and development. Please take a look at some of the examples of our work below, click on the image to launch the website.

Comstation Communications Corp.
ComStation is the number one dealer for Nextel, Sprint, Revol with 20 locations in Ohio, USA.

Launched December 2005/ Re-launched Mid-March 2008

Leading franchise for paintless dent repair in Kuwait.

Launched July 2005

Alia Healthcare Services

Alia Healthcare Services is a provider of healthcare personnel and home healthcare services in the United States, based in Columbus, Ohio.

Launched January 2006.

Falcon Technology Services
Falcon Technology Serviceperforms environmentally friendly recycling using de-manufacturing and asset recovery.

Launched September 2005.

Tech-Mart, Inc
Tech Mart, Inc is a Technology Retirement Management Company.

Launched October 2004.

Group of independent real estate developers located in Columbus Ohio, USA.

Launched November 2003.