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Q. Is there a contract or minimum commitment when I subscribe for a web hosting package?

A. No. You may cancel at any time if you are not completely satisfied. However we ask that you tell us why, so we can stay competitive.

Q. Can I pay for web hosting with another method besides Paypal?

A. Paypal is only automated monthly way to pay without worrying about the billing, it’s easy and reliable. At this time we cannot accept other payment methods unless you wish to pay for the hosting annually (in advance).

Q. Can I see some examples of websites you have designed?

A. Yes of course. We encourage you to view our online portfolio to see some a collection of best and smartest websites we have created. We have designed and currently host company websites for several high profile businesses. See for yourself, click here to see our online portfolio.

Q. How do I login to my iNetbug® web hosting account?

A. If you purchased a professional hosting subscription with iNetbug® you may access your control panel from our Web Admin Portal.

Q. What is my username for the Web Admin control panel?

A. This is normally the first six characters of your domain name followed by zero and one. Example: If your domain name is www.mydomain.com then your login will be mydoma01 (if you forgot your password please email us at support@inetbug.com).

Q. What is my username for Webmail?

A. This will be the full email address you set up (Example: joe@yourdomain.com).

Q. What is my username for FTP?

A. This will typically be the same as your Web Admin control panel login.

Q. Do you design multilingual websites?

A. Yes. We have experience designing multilingual websites (including full text Arabic) where the two languages coexist on the same site and visitors are able to toggle between both languages.